New Tools

This past summer has been rather depressing with our drought and a 15% survival rate of the 3500 seedlings we planted last winter.  We have continued our clean up of the property and our Oak habitat restoration. The reseeding of Roemer’s fescue—a native grass—is taking off in our Oak habitat.  We have returned much of the property back to dry land farming vand repaired lots of broken tiles in the fields.   So if you come visit the lower fields with sparse grasses have been planted in either an annual ryegrass or a perennial orchard grass for seed.  We have the x-mas tree fields prepped for this winters planting—hoping our whole order of 4500 trees is available—and have a few more strategies to try to improve next years survival rate.


The new 42 inch wide 4wd tractor. I need to add some OSU decals to it as it is a lovely orange color.