Spurge Laurel

We have been pulling and digging spurge laurel as it is the only certain way to kill the plant.  We have been meeting with our neighbors to try to get everyone on board or at least committed to doing some work annually on the control of this very noxious and toxic invasive plant.  We are even paying G & M Contractors for three days work with a large roguing crew.  Lyle and I have put in several hundred hours over the past year on this task but it is hard to cover 150 acres.

We are also doing test control plots where we are trying different control methods: 1. Pulling,       2.  mowing with a flail mower,  3. Cutting the plant at the ground and spraying the stump with Garlon 3A.  and 4. burning it to the ground with a propane burner (being very careful not to burn the adjacent poison oak).